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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just for tonight?

A regular week night and the local meat market is in full swing. Disguised as a "get-together" for expats and locals alike, it is interesting to pick out the different groups, sub groups and below-par groups. This particular gathering - a gathering that has been going on for quite some time - draws an interesting crowd. There are the players, the (confirmed) Pickup Artists, clutching their Game bible figuratively underneath their arms, armed with insults and props, that are said to guarantee them if not an instant life partner, at least an adequate mate for the night.

Coupled with them, almost a perfect match, are their perfect matches of the opposite or same gender, waiting with baited breath. They, too, have come out to play, are keen to find a companion, though of course they are hoping it will be for more than one night. They dream of travel and exotic destination or at least a quick adventure to be able to brag about having been with a foreign gal / guy.

Over in the corner the alcohol is flowing and people are beginning to slowly pair off. There are those, for whom a quick display of non-verbal communication, a quick sweep of the eyes, will suffice, others, engage in conversation until it is time to part, move on to the next place, and the next one and who knows what will happen at the end of the night.

And yet others are merely there to sample the promises of that weekday night, a promise of action and happiness and not being alone in a hotel room, watching TV until well after midnight. It is the same scene every Wednesday, the same scene for everyone, everyone who came out that night.

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